Rerum® 3ml vial (GcMAF Functionality Plus)


New product

1 x 3ml vial of Rerum® "Advanced Immune Support"

A micro-sized emulsion of...

  • Oleic Acid
  • Chondroitin
  • Cholecalciferol
  • Ergocalciferol

"the secret is in the molecular bonding"

Store: cool, dry, closed, and protected from light.

Created by Molecular Biologist, Professor Marco Ruggiero, MD, PhD.

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Rerum® emulsion implements a new carrier system. The compound of Chondroitin, Oleic Acid, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D2; provides the support for the bodies activation of Macrophages, that previously was assumed to GcMAF.

Ingredients: Ultrapure water, chondroitin sulfate, oleic acid, cholecalciferol, ergocalciferol

Store: cool, dry, closed, and protected from light (a dark cupboard).
Transport: protected from light, at room temperature. Rerum is heat stable.
Best before: one year from date of manufacture (lasts twice as long if refrigerated).
Once opened: store refrigerated (< 8 °C) and closed. If oral adapter used (membrane wide open) then use contents within 30 days. If a sterile needled syringe is used (membrane intact, contents sterile) then use contents within 12 weeks.

Rerum® Dosage Recommendations

Note: Chondroitin Sulfate has a blood thinning effect similar to heparin, so when taking larger doses, people on anticoagulant drugs, are advised to be under medical supervision.

Shake well to homogenize the emulsion (product separation is typical and no quality defect).

  • Start with 0.2ml (4 drops) every weekday (5 days a week). Continue on this cycle.
  • For greater immune support, take 0.5ml (10 drops) every weekday. Continue on this cycle.
  • For maximum immune support, take up to 1ml every weekday. Reduce dose to 0.5ml after desired effects are noticed (generally 2 to 4 weeks).

NOTE: Sensitive adults should start with 0.1ml (2 drops) every 3 days. Gradually increase or reduce dose as tolerated to create desired effect.

Recommended Dose for Sensitive Children (titrate up from 0.02 ml)
15 to 20 kg   (33 to 44 lbs)0.04 ml4weekly
20 to 25 kg   (44 to 55 lbs)0.05 ml5weekly
25 to 30 kg   (55 to 66 lbs)0.06 ml6weekly
30 to 35 kg   (66 to 77 lbs)0.07 ml7weekly
35 to 40 kg   (77 to 88 lbs)0.08 ml8weekly
40 to 45 kg   (88 to 99 lbs)0.09 ml9weekly
45+ kg   (99+ lbs)0.1 to 0.25 ml10 to 25weekly



Needleless Syringe - under the tongue

  • Product is sterile and may be administered under the tongue.
  • Keep in the mouth for at least 2 minutes to support absorption by the oral mucosa.
  • Then swallow. The bioavailability of Rerum® is increased by digestion.
  • Do NOT drink or eat for at least 30 minutes after taking.

Spray Bottle - absorbed by the mucosa

  • Optional nasal/oral spray bottle available with Rerum purchase.
  • Delivers approximately 0.1ml spray volume per pump.

Nebulization - absorbed into the lungs

  • Offers rapid ingestion into the blood supply for good result.
  • Purchase a nebulizer, needle syringes, and sterile saline solution from your Chemist/Drug store.
  • Extract Rerum® with a needle syringe (leaves remaining vial contents sterile).
  • Dissolve required dose of Rerum® in 3 to 5 ml of 0.9% Saline Solution in the nebulizer chamber.
  • Nebulize and breathe it in through your mouth.


Rerum® may be used for beautiful skin

  • Shake well to homogenize the emulsion (product separation is typical and no quality defect)
  • Withdraw 0.2ml from vial for topical application to skin via sponge.
  • Massage Rerum® sparingly onto face and neck with a gentle patting motion.

How to Load Supplied Needleless Syringe

Note: 1 x blue ring apparatus, needleless syringe, "H" connector & combi-stopper (as shown below) supplied as standard.

Installing Oral Adaptor to Rerum Vial
  1. Prise blue tampertel disk from top of vial.
  2. Install "blue ring apparatus" to top of vial as seen in above 4 image sequence. Be careful to keep vial upright so as not to spill contents and to keep the blue ring in the home position, when you initially push the apparatus onto the vial.
  3. Twist the short end of the white "H" connector into the top of the blue ring apparatus. (approx 1/4 turn until firm)
  4. Then locate closed syringe into top of "H" connector so now connected to vial in airtight seal.
  5. Invert vial, with syringe underneath, and draw syringe open to the required amount (i.e. 0.2ml).
  6. Turn vial upright and remove syringe from vial. Place upright vial carefully away and administer dose.

Note: Vial to be resealed by untwisting "H" connector from top of the blue ring apparatus and twisting the blue combi-stopper onto the apparatus.

Installing Syringe to Rerum Vial

Note: every division on the supplied 3ml oral syringe equals 0.1ml. Accurate smaller doses (0.01ml) require a different syringe. In these cases we recommend using an insulin syringe and removing the Rerum from the vial directly i.e. without the oral adapter.

Nasal Spray Bottle for Reruml

Optional Empty Nasal/Oral Spray Bottle for Rerum - Request this by noting it on your order under "Leave a message. If you would like to add a comment about your order, please write it in the field below". This comment field is just above the tick box "I agree to the terms of service"

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Instructions for Rerum dosage and administration

Download (125.53k)


Using Rerum to support Beautiful Skin

Download (318.83k)

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Easy to use
Gloria A. on 21/10/2017with a insulin needle. I've made my first improvements from Lyme and co-infections since beginning this.
Russell C. on 27/09/20175-Star Product
Kimberly M. on 26/09/2017I believe this product is one of the things responsible for a significant improvement in my health.
Cured my Prostate Cancer
Charles B. on 19/09/2017We ordered 5 vials from you in January and I want to tell you this stuff is fantastic. It cured my prostate cancer and its helped my sister with COPD problems. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for us.
Rita P. on 29/08/2017The product is fresh and was shipped quickly. Like the next day. I arrived well packaged and cool. This stuff is amazing.
Fast shipping Easy ordering
Eliza H. on 23/08/2017No problem. Rerum seems to be helping w nonverbal autism. Few spontaneous phrases & more cognitive spatial awareness. No miracle just little flashes here & there. Blue plastic puncture ring on the vial takes a little getting used to. But not a big deal.
Tanja S. on 01/08/2017

I believe Rerum has been helping quite a bit. The service is excellent and I appreciate all the help. Thank you Tanja

See Improvement
Rita P. on 27/06/2017I have seen improvement with this product. I feel more together, more stamina. Will continue to take.
Irene L. on 19/06/2017

Discontinued RERUM BLUE and now on RERUM for my 7yr old son who's is ASD . Results are slow and occur over a prolonged period of time . Would love to know more on how long he should be on this protocol as it's very expensive to continue indefinitely . More information on ASD children and it's use would be appreciated on the website .


Rerum is sold as a nutritional supplement, and as such we are restricted by law from commenting on any therapeutic use that doctors may recommend it for.

Gives Me Hope
David E. on 14/06/2017Hopefully it will work the way it's supposed to
still working on it
Victoria l. on 28/05/2017we tried rerum for last 5 weeks, my son did not have some obviously change in terms of him languages and behaviors grogress. However on some of degrees, his attention had improved a little. i wish he could get some major benefits from this product later on.
3 weeks in
Rita P. on 16/05/2017started with 4 drops x5days increased to 10 drops and am feeling positive effects.
Larry B. on 23/04/2017Noticed improvement with double vision arm strength and Energy levels have not finish the first vial yet
Bill H. on 11/04/2017

Have been utilizing retum for a half year so far. Fighting cancer has many unknowns among them the mystery of knowing how the protocols are performing.. cost factors are burdensome but we keep forging foward.

Gail Portanova, M.D. - Stage 4 Endometrial Cancer
Gail P. on 29/03/2017

Rerum has brought me excellent results in 6 months. Tumors are shrinking markedly.

Mary Ellen H. on 08/03/2017Excellent product. And excellent help over the phone
Bravo and Rerum
Steven L. on 02/03/2017Hello, I regretfully state that after 3 months the products seem to have no effect. I ingest amino acid tablets,eat and supplement with turmeric,juice and am mostly in ketosis. I find after taking Bravo I immediately hack up phlegm which indicates that I'm not able to tolerate the product.
Answer: This demonstrates the importance of being in a high state of ketosis. Mostly in ketosis is not good enough. It is the ketosis that starves the cancer cells and makes them visible to the immune system. Aim for average levels of 2.5 as measured by a finger prick meter. Also Bravo suppositories should be used instead of Bravo drink if Bravo drink not tolerated. Finally, forget tumeric. The active ingredient we want is Curcumin which is 3% (or less) of tumeric. Use UltraCur, which is water soluble curcumin.
Stephanie M. on 28/02/2017After 3 months of Rerum, my lung metastases have gone but the primary breast tumor has stayed the same. At least it has not gotten bigger and I hope continued use will see better results.
Answer: Rerum supports the immune system to fight cancer. You need the ketogenic diet and high states of dietary ketosis as measured by a finger prick meter to starve the cancer and help make it visible to the immune system. Increasing your ketogenic state will provide better results.
Looks promising
Maria M. on 23/01/2017Just started using this product. Hope for excellent results.
RERUM 3 ml vial
Antionette P. on 28/12/2016My son has severe autism. I have not seen any improvement for a recovery I will keep using the RERUM. May be it takes time, Sorry
Answer: Yes results from the support Rerum offers can easily take longer than two weeks to manifest and best results are achieved when used with Bravo Probiotic and the ketogenic diet.
Wayne R.
Wayne R. on 29/11/2016I've been using Bravo Yoghurt and Rerum for nearly 4 months and included the Keto diet 2 months ago. My last scan showed a great turnaround in my cancer with the sarcoma in my thigh halving in size. Many thanks to Michael for his help and great service.
valerie g
Valerie G K. on 05/12/2016only time will tell as i use it
Steven L. on 26/11/2016The support staff was incredibly helpful in all areas. I 've been on the product for 2 weeks now and am being patient for positive results.
This product really helped me
Joan W. on 22/10/2016This product really helped pull me through a tough health crisis, looking forward to getting my next order. Thank-you! Joanee
kimberly C. on 12/10/2016I think the product will help me but I have not started using it yet!
Bill Hyres
Bill H. on 19/09/2016Looking forward to positive results from Rerum.
Kelvin S. on 23/08/2016You give 37% more product than Europe does because you sell 3.0 ML vials for the same price they sell 2.2 ml vials. Their Goleic requires refrigeration and I lost $1,000 up front because they didn't let me know that and it spoiled at room temp for two weeks when I was on vacation.
Energy tripled and pain reduced
Janie C. on 12/08/2016I have been on Rerum now for 6 months and feel fabulous . My pain has been 80% reduced and energy tripled. This has been the best treatment I have received.
Arminda G. on 10/08/2016I get excelent results against cancer

Rerum® Science

Rerum® offers Advanced Immune Support. The emulsion implements a new carrier system with the compound of Chrondroitin, Oleic Acid, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D2 and provides the support for Macrophage Activation, that previously was assumed to GcMAF (Gc Macrophage Activating Factor). 

It is important to note that you cannot just mix all the ingredients of Rerum together to make Rerum. In Rerum®, chondroitin sulfate is non-covalently bound to Vitamin D and Oleic acid, thanks to hydrophobic/hydrophilic interactions. In effect, the secret of Rerum is in the molecular bonding. Rerum® is designed to deliver it's components intracellularly, which is why it is so powerful. 

The body's own activation of macrophages has many known effects. It contributes to our body's immune system and can help in case of a weak immune status or immune deficiencies in order to restore balance, to counteract vitality loses and to prevent susceptibility to infection. 

Download PDF on "How Does Rerum Work"

Is chondroitin sulfate responsible for the biological effects attributed to the GC protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF)?
Marco Ruggiero, Heinz Reinwald, Stefania Pacini.
Medical Hypotheses 94 (2016) 126–131.

Link to Abstract   Link to Full Article

Gc Protein-Derived Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) and Autism: Do Clinical Results Require a Novel Interpretation?
Marco Ruggiero.
American Journal of Immunology.

Link to Abstract   Link to Full Article

Clinical Observation of a Novel, Complementary, Immunotherapeutic Approach based on Ketogenic Diet, Rerum and Bravo.
Michael Schwalb, Margit Taubmann, Steve Hines, Heinz Reinwald, and Marco Ruggiero.
American Journal of Immunology.

Link to Abstract   Link to Full Article

Is Rerum the New Coley's Vaccine.
Marco Ruggiero.
American Journal of Immunology.

Link to Abstract   Link to Full Article

Clinical Case Report of a Novel Immunotherapeutic Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders based on an emulsion of Chondroitin Sulfate, Vitamin D3 and Oleic Acid.
Nicola Antonucci, Stefania Pacini and Marco Ruggiero.
American Journal of Immunology.

Link to Abstract   Link to Full Article

Ketogenic Diet and Immunotherapy in Cancer and Neurological Diseases. 4th International Congress on Integrative Medicine, 1, 2 April 2017, Fulda, Germany.
Thomas Peter & Marco Ruggiero.
American Journal of Immunology.

Link to Abstract   Link to Full Article

Audio Testimonial of Rerum Effectiveness by Charlie from Miami 19th Sept 2017

Video of Molecular Biologist, Professor Marco Ruggiero, MD. PhD. discussing Rerum®