Review for "imuno® 50ml Cream: 100000ng GcMAF"


By Ginny N. on 04 May 2022 :

review reply  Thank you for your product review on our website. We always welcome feedback, whether it is positive or negative. However, in this particular case, we feel that this review was unfair and would like to have a chance to invite you to change your mind. Here is why:

imuno cream does NOT contain sugar or corn. It contains Propanediol which is made by fermenting corn sugar. After the fermentation process is completed, the microbes have completely digested the corn sugar and excreted a natural compound named Propanediol which is NOTHING like the corn sugar. The corn sugar was simply food for the microbes.

A further point is that Sophia Flow DOES contain sugar.

Potassium sorbate is widely used as a preservative in foods, drinks, and personal care products. review reply

Shop owner reply on 07 May 2022

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