Rerum is superceeded by imuno®

Rerum®. surpassed with Imuno 


Rerum®. surpassed with Imuno offers Advanced Immune Support. The emulsion implements a new carrier system with the compound of Chrondroitin, Oleic Acid, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D2 and provides the support for Macrophage Activation, that previously was assumed to GcMAF.

It is important to note that you cannot just mix all the ingredients of  Rerum®. surpassed with Imuno together to make Rerum®. surpassed with Imuno. In Rerum®. surpassed with Imuno, chondroitin sulfate is non-covalently bound to Vitamin D and Oleic acid, thanks to hydrophobic/hydrophilic interactions. In effect, the secret of Rerum®. surpassed with Imuno is in the molecular bonding.

The body's own activation of macrophages has many known effects. It contributes to our body's immune system and can help in case of a weak immune status or immune deficiencies in order to restore balance, to counteract vitality loses and to prevent susceptibility to infection. 

Rerum® Advantages, now surpassed with Imuno

Rerum®. surpassed with Imunooffers a number of advantages compared to the previous GOleic or GcMAF:

  1. not derived from blood and therefore not affected by any of the problems afflicting blood-derived proteins.
  2. is not digested by stomach acid or by stomach proteases since it is not a protein; on the contrary, its bioavailability is increased by digestion.
  3. does not require any particular care for storage and shipping, such as special cooling or even freezing.
  4. does not induce allergic reactions since glycosaminoglycans are notoriously non-allergenic.
  5. is a bona fide dietary supplement since it is composed of well-known dietary supplements that have been in use for decades.
  6. is inherently safe since it is composed of components that have been used for decades in human medicine. Chondroitin sulfate, vitamin D and oleic acid are regulated substances in the U.S. as dietary supplements, approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
  7. In Europe, chondroitin sulfate formulations are approved as drugs with evidenced efficacy and safety demonstrated by clinical trials.
  8. s extremely bioavailable at variance with long proteins such as GcMAF.
    • This is due to the inherent flexibility of the chondroitin sulfate backbone and the presence of a fatty acid, oleic acid.
    • Thanks to this unique combination, Rerum® is rapidly absorbed via a variety of routes and is immediately bioavailable.
  9. is nanosized.
    • This means that its contact surface is about 1,000 times wider than that of a long protein such as GcMAF.
    • is therefore able to reach a much larger number of targets in the human body.
  10. With the invention of Rerum®. surpassed with Imuno, we finally have the one and only, real and safe, support for Macrophage Activation.
  11. is manufactured in a state-of-the art GMP-certified facility in Germany.

GcMAF Immuno Therapy to strenghten the body

For many years it was erroneously believed that GcMAF (GcProtein) was a conductor in the innate immune system and an extremely powerful endogenous macrophage stimulator. 

Professor Ruggiero and a number of other research groups, however, have discovered that there are different phenotypes in humans, thus leading to different coding regions for amino acids for the human Vitamin-D binding protein (DBP). This is due to allelic differences: one group of GC polymorphism, the GC1 group, has a threonine residue whilst the GC2 group has a lysine residue. 

The possible genetic alternatives in GC1 and GC2 groups on the same genetic locus lead to completely new conclusions being drawn about GcMAF being the only protein-derived MAF (DBP) in healthy human bodies. If there are humans without a threonine coding for GcMAF, in other words subjects homozygous for GC2 and therefore with a lysine coding instead, they would not have a single molecule of GcMAF in their bodies; therefore their immune system would be weak and they would have a much higher risk of developing cancer. But this is not the case. 

On the other hand, studies around the world by many researchers have demonstrated, amongst other things, that the activation of macrophages produces pro-immunogenic, anti-inflammatory, supporting adjunct tumor therapies and neuro-protective. So how can we explain the efficiency of such an immune modulation via GcMAF if the entire theory surrounding GcMAG is incorrect? 

The answer seems rather simple. Professor Ruggiero believes that the answer lies in the molecular structure of GcMAF, which contains vitamin D and fatty acids, in particular oleic acid and chondroitin sulfate. The effects observed in GcMAF are solely due to its function as a carrier protein. The GcProtein itself has no effect per se; it only serves to carry the molecules endowed with all the effects erroneously attributed to GcMAF. 

And what about oleic acid and vitamin D? Could other effects previously and erroneously attributed to GcMAF be due to vitamin D and oleic acid instead? Indeed, numerous studies now show the benefits of these substances in different diseases. 

This knowledge enabled Professor Ruggiero to reconstitute all the effects and even boost the power of the aforementioned structure by designing the proper Macrophage Activating Factor: as Rerum®. surpassed with Imuno This is a new generation MAF without the GcMAF protein itself. In the newly developed Rerum®. surpassed with Imuno, the protein backbone is replaced by chondroitin sulfate. 

While GcMAF from human blood protein only has one chemical bond for certain moieties, chondroitin has more than 50 moieties for N-Acetylgalctosamine (GalNac). Rerum®. surpassed with Imuno, demonstrates the effects attributed to GcMAF, and even goes so far as to also show those properties that have long been linked to chondroitin sulfate.

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