Immune and Energy Support Protocol



We recommend “The Specific Carbohydrate Diet” to reduce inflammation and aid healing in children. This also applies to adults; however, we recommend that if possible, adults follow the more difficult “Ketogenic Diet”. The Ketogenic diet is more anti-inflammatory and also pro-immunogenic.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet Ketogenic Diet



  • imuno® Superior Immune Support: Once a week, 0.01ml of imuno® per 5 Kg (11 lbs) of body weight.
    Decrease dosage if hyperactivity or negative behaviours increase.
  • Bravo Probiotic Suppositories: 1 per week to be inserted just after retiring to bed.
  • Bravo Probiotic Drink: (Fermented Milk or Juice) 7mls a day per 5 Kg (11 lbs) of body weight.


Adults with Ongoing Fatigue

  • imuno® Superior Immune Support: Up to twice a week, 0.01ml of imuno® per 5 Kg (11 lbs) of body weight.
    Decrease dosage if increased tiredness occurs.
  • Bravo Probiotic Suppositories: 1 to 2 per week to be inserted just after retiring to bed.
  • Bravo Probiotic Drink: (Fermented Milk or Juice) 50mls twice a day.


Maximum Immune and Energy Support

  • imuno® Superior Immune Support: Up to once a day, 0.02ml of imuno® per 5 Kg (11 lbs) of body weight.
    Note: Excellent results have been reported with as little as 0.2ml once a week.
  • Bravo Probiotic Suppositories: 1 to 2 per week to be inserted just after retiring to bed.
  • Bravo Probiotic Drink: (Fermented Milk or Juice) 50mls twice a day.
  • UltraCur-Pro Curcumin: (Water Soluble, Ultrabioavailable) 2 capsules twice a day.
  • Boswell High AKBA: (German Boswellia Blend) 2 capsules twice a day.
  • MyAMINO: (Supports Ketosis) 5 to 10 tablets once a day.


Simple and Significant Immune and Energy Support

  • TBL12/SeaCare: (Sea Cucumber Blend) 1 to 2 sachets twice a day.



Vitamin D3
We advise keeping blood levels of vitamin D3 at between 150 to 250 nmol/l (60 ng/ml to 100 ng/ml). This can be achieved by adults taking 10,000IU of vitamin D3 daily. A blood test every 3 months is also recommended to ensure blood levels do not go above our recommended levels. Note: Vitamin D3 levels drop quickly without supplementation and high vitamin D3 levels help slow cachexia.

Lymphatic Circulation

The lymphatic fluid is pumped by changing pressures in the body when we move (walk or Taiji/ Taichi). The lymphatic fluid is the final carrier of the nutrients to the cells and when the fluid circulates well then the immune system functions more efficiently. Do a minimum of 30 minutes walking every day.

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing, whilst stationery, is the best way to increase oxygen supply and circulation in the blood. This increased oxygen supply is then used by the internal organs, including the immune system, to enhance their functioning. Whenever you think about it, as often as you can during your day, take at least 3 or 4 slow deep breaths.

Joy and Fun

Our immune system is strengthened by feeling joy and having fun. This is a vital part of healing and is seen in those who overcome severe illness. Remember to laugh and play, and to bring joy to others when on the road back to health, for this will help keep you on the path.


Forgiveness means to completely erase all recollection or remembrance of the act from the mind or cease to regard the deed as an evil one.

In the first stage one ceases to verbalize the issue. Then one ceases to allow one’s mind to dwell on the issue or one changes ones attitude to the occurrence.

Know that each limited human being, is doing the best they can, with the understanding they have, and if they do you wrong, it is because they know no better. Forgive them.

The thought that “no, it does not matter” whatever another does, form a sort of principle to adopt in life.

The thought “either I deserve it or they know no better” allows the mind to tolerate all and let it go.


Gratitude means to feel appreciation for what we receive.

One ceases to allow ones mind to dwell on “what is not” and then one chooses to dwell on “what is”.

The first lesson that we can learn in the path of thankfulness is to forget what we do for another, and remember only what good any other has done for us.

Gratefulness is best adorned by subtlety of expression. In thanksgiving, one word of thanks is sufficient.

If we answer every little deed of kindness with appreciation, we develop in our nature the spirit of gratefulness, and gratefulness in the character, is like fragrance in the flower, it attracts favour, forgiveness and mercy.


Close Down – Wake Up
Take 3 full deep breaths. Each out breath – let the mind close down as if going to sleep. The tensions of the body melt away. Then the superficial-mind closes down further. The troubles of outer life are forgotten. The mind passes through the quiet watchful state and continues deeper (Don’t be tempted to rest in that quiet state). The mind continues deeper, outer awareness passes away.

As the dreamy state first begins to appear, concentrate in the hands and feet looking for sensations of tingling, fullness and warmth. Continue breathing deeply. Each out breath go deeper and intensify the fullness and warmth allowing it to grow into the arms and legs, then into the chest, then down through the trunk to rest in and around the base of the trunk, the perineum.

Allow a cloud of light to form in and around the perineum. Intensify the light as the mind gently sinks deeper. At this stage the superficial-mind has been closed down and the Deep Mind has begun to awaken. The tingling, fullness and warmth appear due to the energetic stimulation of the pain, pressure and heat sensors. In this deep condition visualising light will help to connect into the reality of the body’s energy field, (whereas in a superficially quiet state visualisation may lead to an imaginary disconnection from reality)

8 Paths
Basic body energy circulates in a network of 8 special channels. Follow the paths with the Mind visualising a stream of golden light, while listening to the resulting body sensations of fullness and warmth.

  1. With a deep in breath and a clear intention – lift energy up the spine from its base to the top of the head.
    The light may fill and circulate within the head for a few seconds.
  2. Exhale – mind and energy sink down the front of the face, neck, chest and abdomen, returning quietly to the Base Centre.
    The mind deepens as it flows down. Forget the breathing when halfway down. The mind may rest in the Base Centre.
  3. Inhale – energy rises through the sacrum, splits at the belt, then 2 streams rise, one to each shoulder.
    The streams rise through the “sympathetic ganglionic chains” a few centimetres each side of the spine
  4. Exhale – down the outside of the arms, across the back of the hands and middle fingers to form pools of light in the palms.
    The mind may rest in these 2 pools of light, the breathing is forgotten.
  5. Inhale – lift energy up the inner arms to each side of the chest.
  6. Exhale – down across the nipples, join at the waist, down the front of the abdomen and return to the Base Centre.
  7. Inhale – lift energy from the perineum up through the centre of the trunk to the solar-plexus. The light may fill the chest.
  8. Exhale – energy drops to the perineum, splits across the inguinal regions, flows down the outside-front of the legs, travels over the top of the feet and middle toes, to form pools of light in the soles.
    The mind may rest in these 2 pools of light.
  9. Inhale – raise energy via the instep, behind the ankle joint, the inside-rear of the legs, meeting at the perineum, then continuing to rise through the central channel to the level of the navel.
    The light may fill the abdomen.
  10. Exhale – return energy to the Base Centre, completing one round of 5 breath cycles.
    The mind now rests in the cloud of light, connected with the body’s energy field, in and around the Base Centre.

Meditation as given out by Patrick A Kelly


Disclaimer: None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Our products are chosen for their ability to support the body’s healthy immune system, and larger doses of supporting products may be required in times of stress. Just like more food is required, when more exercise is undertaken. For ease of understanding, we may have listed some conditions where the immune system may require specific support, but this is not to be interpreted to mean we are in any way treating these diseases.

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