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Published Results (American Journal of Immunology)

  • 7 Patients. On average, a decrease of tumor volume of approximately 25% in a week. (Supporting Article)


  • 71 year old lady with Multiple Myeloma. After six months of our methods, her cancer was in remission. (Supporting Article)


  • 70 year old lady with Ovarian Cancer with multiple liver metastases. After five weeks of our methods, a PET scan could not find the liver tumors.


  • 63 year old man with Prostate Cancer. After four weeks of our methods, the tumor marker returned to normal and imaging showed significant reduction of the tumor mass.


  • 66 year old lady with Mammary Cancer. After three weeks of our methods, ultrasonic imaging measured a 75% reduction in tumor size.


  • 55 year old man with esophageal cancer with lung metastases. After eight months of our methods, the esophageal lesions appeared stable/encapsulated and a CT scan of the thorax could not find the lung tumors.


  • 59 year old man with pulmonary (lung) nodule of unknown origin. After one year of our methods, the Nagalase marker went from 3.10 to 1.34.


  • 73 year old woman with inoperable bile duct cancer. After taking 3 vials of Rerum (imuno) in one week, her epigastric pain, nausea and vomiting was gone. Six months later she still feels well and lives a normal life.


Buy imuno GcMAF

Results Reported via Email

(*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary)

Tania G. Australia

"just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results from using your products. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Small Cell Lymphoma 5 months ago. I started using Imuno and Bravo yoghurt two months ago. Since that time there has been 50% improvement* in my Blood test results. I am thrilled with the result, I honestly didn't expect such a quick respond. Thank you so much!"


Kath L. Atlantic City

"My CA marker is slowly falling with imuno"


Michele P. London

"Cervical lymph glands swelling reduced. Also kidney pain reduced really important improvement."


Kylie H. Netherlands

"My scan shows imuno has reduced* the size of my tumors. Amazing product thank you."


Tom V. Colorado

"Starting imuno with results* that amazed doctor. Stage 4 prostate c with no metastization, and "undectable" antigen levels at 3 month psa test after surgery. I find it necessary to take before bed as it has powerful relaxation affect."


Sylvia P. New Zealand

"My breast cancer had migrated into the lymph nodes of my neck as well as other part of my body...GOOD NEWS is :the CT scan show all was resolved and the tumor in my breast had shrunk* by a 1/3.....so I am keeping the process going ...."


Charles B. Florida

"I want to tell you this stuff is fantastic. It cured* my prostate cancer and its helped my sister with COPD problems. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for us."


Gail Portanova, M.D. Beverly Hills

"Stage 4 Endometrial Cancer. imuno has brought me excellent results* in 6 months. Tumors are shrinking markedly."


Wayne R. Australia

"I had really good scan results* this week with the 7cm round sarcoma in my thigh halving in size over the last three months. This occurred after I adopted your protocol of the Ketogenic diet (max 12g carbs per day), daily Bravo, 0.2ml of Rerum 5 times a week, UltraCur 2 twice a day and Frankincense caps 1 three times a day - plus good exercise and meditation. Thank you for your ongoing support."


Michael K. Australia

"Although it's early days, an ulcerating BCC on my back has already shrunk by a third* in 2 weeks. Watching this space."


Rebeca M. USA

"My brain tumor has almost gone* after 6 months on Bosvay. I take 10 capsules a day with food and feel great."


Laurel G. Australia

"My last scan was all clear and my energy is better than all my friends. Very happy on TBL-12."


Helene L. USA

"The combination of Colostrum-MAF plus BRAVO boosted my white blood cell counts after 2 weeks. The pills are also tiny and very easy to swallow."


Janie C. USA

"I have been on Rerum now for 6 months and feel fabulous . My pain has been 80% reduced and energy tripled. This has been the best treatment I have received."


Arminda G. USA

"I get excellent results against cancer."


Kimberly B. USA

"Thank you again, you guys are the best! I am feeling so much better already and so are my other friends who are on Bravo."


Dee A. USA

"We love our Bravo!!! We have more energy and are doing better"


Heidi H. USA

"I have had symptoms of chronic fatigue for 25 years and have had to work very hard to maintain some health. Now with the MAF, I am feeling better than I have in years and have stopped most of my supplements that kept me going and am feeling better than ever. I am also seeing this with my patients."

Buy imuno GcMAF

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