Click to Read - Bravo Probiotic now has over 300 Probiotic Strains

"Bravo is a System for Making a New Ecosystem & NOT Merely a Probiotic"

Bravo Probiotic is Ideal for:

  • Supporting Immunity
  • Supporting healthy Bowel Function
  • Supporting Energy Levels
  • Supporting Mental Clarity
  • Food Allergies Support
  • Optimizing Athletic Performance
  • Promoting Longevity
  • Supporting Cancer Care
  • A Rejuvenating Facial Mask

Designed to support human health by Molecular Biologist, Professor Marco Ruggiero, MD. PhD.

Bravo Probiotic Contains:

  • Lactoferrin & immunoglobulins.
  • Approx 490ng of GcMAF in every litre.
  • Over 40 microbial strains - including...
    Microbial Cultures: Lactobacillus Salivarius, Lactobacillus Acidophylus, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactococcus Lactis, Bifidobacteri.
    Active Cultures: Lactobacillus Acidophylus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Streptococcus Thermophylus, Lactococcus Lactis, Leuconostoc, Kluyveromyces, Saccharomyces, Acetobacter, Bifidobacteri.
  • Organic Swiss Colostrum.
  • is rich in minerals, vitamins & bio-active molecules.

Bravo Super Shake

Patients at the Immuno Biotech Treatment Centre receive a daily Bravo Super Shake that is designed to be an Immune Booster for cancer support.
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Immune Support

The strains of probiotics that have gone into this super-yoghurt are also present in the gut of a newborn fed only with colostrum, the mother's first milk. When given to someone who needs support, they can reboot your microbiome back to how nature intended.

The following represents a sampling of human microbiome functions in maintaining health:
  • Supporting immunity.
  • Supporting the hormonal metabolism.
  • Blood sugar and appetite regulation.
  • Synthesis of vitamin K and biotin.
  • Synthesis of many neurotransmitters.
  • Liver health and detoxification pathways.
  • Enhanced mineral bioavailability.
  • Control of unwanted gut microbes.

Bravo Immune Support

The Human Microbiome.

The evolving picture of the human microbiome (microbes that live with us) is changing our ideas of how important our gut health is to maintaining health. It was recently uncovered that white blood cells (macrophages and lymphocytes) that constantly survey the brain, carry with them microbes from the gut into the brain (yes a brain microbiome).
The Brain Microbiome
We also know that gut microbes regulate host biosynthesis of serotonin and produce many chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, GABA, norepinephrine, acetylcholine) used in the brain to communicate. Therefore we need these microbes to maintain balance and health. We have evolved together in an elaborate conversation and if our microbiome is “out of balance” we may very well lose our health and become emotionally upset.
The human Microbiome
The Microbial strains contained in Bravo are associated with internally produced neurotransmitters and second messengers that are known to support neurological functions and neuronal connectivity.

Bravo Immune Support

Preparing Bravo Drink

  1. Boil 1 litre of whole cow's milk, whilst stirring to keep from sticking to bottom of pot.
  2. Milk boils when it blows up to the rim of the pot. Do not over boil the milk.
  3. Let it cool down to room temperature (20-30°C).
  4. Remove the thick layer off the top and discard. (made of caseins)
  5. Mix in the contents of the bottle and the bag.
  6. Mix well to remove any lumps.
  7. Leave it covered at room temperature for 24 - 48 hours (until it sets).
  8. Mix well. You may wish to sieve it.
  9. Refrigerate at least 2 hours before drinking.

Keeps for 14 days in the Refrigerator.

Making Bravo

  • Goats, Sheep, & Camel milk may be used (tends not to thicken).
  • Avoid homogenized milk.
  • Do NOT use rice, soy almond or lactose-free milk.
  • Do NOT use milk with extra added vitamins A and D.
  • Do NOT use UHT milk as most of it´s milk proteins are damaged.

How to Use Bravo Drink

  • Mix well before consuming.
  • Consume 50ml to 140ml daily.
  • Consume after a meal. Ideally rich in leafy greens (fibre),
  • OR consume over the day, one tablespoon at a time.
  • Swish it around your mouth for 10 - 60 seconds before swallowing. Longer is better.
  • Do NOT wash the teeth for at least 1 hour after consuming Bravo.
  • Do NOT consume past 14 days after preparation.
  • Do NOT freeze.
  • Do NOT consume artificial sweeteners as they deteriorate Bravo´s properties.

As a Rejuvenating Facial Mask

  • Apply to face.
  • Leave in place for 30 minutes.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water.

As an Enema

For a 75Kg adult: Mix 20-25ml of Bravo drink with 20-25ml of 0.9% saline solution for use as an enema. Try to retain as long as possible. This can be used every day if no side effects. Note: A saline solution of 0.9% is the same concentration as body fluids (1 litre of water to 9 grams of sodium chloride).

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance can be successfully treated with Bravo Probiotic yogurt. Bravo has a long fermentation time (24 to 48 hours) which uses up the lactose, and we have found that lactose intolerant children, after a few months of daily Bravo Probiotic yogurt, can eat cheese, or drink milk with no problems.

Casein Intolerance

Bravo Probiotic yogurt contains caseins and whilst caseins are not themselves allergenic, some of the peptides produced by casein degradation in the stomach, may cause irritation to the digestive system. In these cases Bravo Probiotic Yogurt should be given either as a suppository, or as an enema.

Milk Varieties Used

All mammal’s milk may be use. Though Cow’s milk is generally used, we have reports of Goat, Sheep, Camel, Lama, and Donkey milk being used successfully, though often the consistency is very runny. We also have experience of people using human milk, which whilst technically doable, may be illegal in some regions of the world.

If mammal’s milk is not for you, then Coconut milk is best, as it has a number of healthy molecules by itself. However this solution will lack the 150 new peptides, formed by fermenting mammal’s milk, and so, whilst this solution is excellent at rebuilding your gut and brain microbiome, it does not have this peptide immune stimulation effect, of the mammal’s milk ferment.

Bravo Probiotic Suppositories

  • Store them in the refrigerator.
  • Do NOT freeze them.

Bravo Suppositories

How to use Bravo Probiotic Suppositories

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water and dry them thoroughly.
  2. Take out the suppository from the fridge and remove it´s plastic wrap.
  3. Lie on your side with your lower leg straightened out and your upper leg bent forward toward your stomach.
  4. Lift upper buttock to expose the rectal area.
  5. Insert the suppository, pointed end first, with your finger until it passes the muscular sphincter of the rectum, about 1/2 to 1 inch in infants, 1 inch in adults (if not inserted past the sphincter, the suppository may pop out).
  6. Hold buttocks together for a few seconds.
  7. Remain laying down for about 5 minutes to avoid having the suppository come out. It is suggested to insert the suppository at night, just before sleeping.
  8. Discard used materials and wash your hands.

Use as a Rejuvenating Facial Cream

  • Apply contents of capsule to face.
  • Leave in place for 30 minutes.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water.

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