imuno 3ml vial - Next Generation GcMAF


1 x 3ml vial of imuno® - The Solution

  • Superior Immune Support (BE WELL).
  • Superior Endocannabinoid Receptor Support (FEEL WELL).
  • Superior Mitochondrial Support (HAVE ENERGY).
  • imuno® is 100+ times more potent than pure GcMAF.
  • 3ml of imuno® contains the equivalent of over 120000ng of purified GcMAF.

imuno® is designed by Molecular Biologist, Dr. Marco Ruggiero, MD. Ph.D. Author of peer-reviewed scientific papers on immunotherapy & quantum biology.

imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅

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imuno® - GcMAF made better

Molecular Biologist, Dr Marco Ruggiero, MD. Ph.D., whilst working at the National Cancer Institute of the NIH in Maryland, worked on Macrophage Stimulating Factor (CSF-1) and human cancer from 1990, which is four years before Dr Yamamoto coined the acronym GcMAF. (Pierce JH, 1990 Aug, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 5613–5617)

Rerum® was conceived in 2015 by the same Dr Marco Ruggiero. Rerum® was superior to GcMAF in that it was nanosized and more stable (kept better) than GcMAF.

imuno® for superior immune support was conceived in 2018 by the same Dr Marco Ruggiero.

imuno® is the elegant solution. It is the revolutionary supra-molecular structure that reproduces the self-assembly of cell components. This delivers the combined molecules, at the same time, at the required dose, to their biologic targets, and produces powerful support. Also, the manufacturing process for imuno® is meticulous and time-consuming, and it is not technically possible to get the same result by simply mixing the ingredients together since the procedure follows a proprietary algorithm based on biologic negentropy.

Active Ingredients: Chondroitin sulfate, phosphatidylcholine, cholecalciferol. (Other Ingredients: water, salt.)

Transport: room temperature, protected from light.
Store: refrigerated or cool and dark.
Once opened: store refrigerated (< 8 °C) and closed. If the oral adapter used (membrane wide open) then use contents within 60 days. If a sterile needled syringe is used (membrane intact, contents sterile) then use contents within 24 weeks.

imuno® Safety

  • Chondroitin Sulfate has a blood thinning effect similar to heparín, so when taking larger doses (0.4 ml +), people on anticoagulant drugs, are advised to be under medical supervision.
  • imuno® is pH neutral and sterile due to the requirement to microsize the formulation.
  • Being pH neutral and sterile also means imuno® is safe to use in all the ways that your doctor may prescribe. Please ask your doctor for advice.

imuno® Dosage Recommendations

Each Vial Contains: 3 ml, which equals 15 x 0.2 ml servings (maximum dose 0.5 ml daily).

In General: Start slow with 0.05 ml (1 drop) every 3 days and titrate up as tolerated.

  • Adult Serving Size: 0.1 ml (2 drops) to 0.2 ml (4 drops) daily. (maximum dose 0.5 ml daily)

  • Child Serving Size: 0.05 ml (1 drop) to 0.1 ml (2 drops) daily. (maximum dose 0.25 ml daily)


Shake well to homogenize the emulsion (product separation is typical and no quality defect).

imuno® - Oral Administering

  • imuno® is a sterile, slightly thick and cloudy liquid of indistinct taste and may be used as an oral dietary supplement.
  • Squirt required dose into mouth.
  • Hold in mouth for 30 to 60 seconds and then swallow.
  • imuno® is best taken on an empty stomach. (2 hours after or 30 minutes before food)

imuno® - Skin Application

  • imuno® is pH neutral and may be used as a moisturizing anti-wrinkle cosmetic
  • Squirt a drop or two onto the end of your clean finger
  • Rub imuno® gently into facial wrinkles.

How to Load Supplied Needleless Syringe

Note: 1 x vial adapter and 1 x 1 ml needleless syringe supplied as standard.

Vial Adapter and syringe for imuno®
Note: every division on the supplied 1ml needleless syringe equals 0.02ml, with major divisions numbered at each 0.1ml.
  1. Shake the vial vigorously and then prise the plastic flip-top disk from the top of the vial.
  2. Remove the paper backing from the vial adapter and push the vial into the vial adapter. The plastic spike will pierce the grey stopper visible in the centre of the metal top, and the adapter will clip into place. Remove the vial and the installed adapter from the plastic packaging.
  3. Push the closed syringe firmly into the top of the vial adapter (depressing the blue rubber valve)
  4. Invert the vial with syringe underneath and draw the syringe open to the required amount (i.e. 0.2 ml).
  5. Remove the syringe from the vial adapter. The valve will close and seal the vial/adapter on syringe removal. Store the vial upright.
  6. Use the required dose from the syringe.

Optional Empty Spray Bottle for imuno®

Nasal Spray Bottle for imuno®

Optional Empty Spray Bottle for imuno® (Delivers approximately 0.1ml spray volume per pump) - Request this by noting it on your order where it says "If you would like to add a comment about your order, please write it in the field below."

imuno® manufactured in a government certified facility by Imuno Corporation

*Disclaimer: None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Our products are chosen for their ability to support the body’s healthy immune system, and larger doses of supporting products may be required in times of stress. Just like more food is required, when more exercise is undertaken. If you are under more stress, then please take up to the recommended maximum dose or the dose as prescribed by your doctor.




Using imuno for Beautiful Skin

Download (232.55k)


Using imuno to support immunity

Download (248.46k)
By on  30 July 2020 (imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅) :

Notice a Difference

I like the Imuno product, whilst it does make a difference to energy for a day, it does not maintain- it will be interesting to see if long term use brings a more lasting healing re energy.
The support I received from the company was amazing, as was delivery, with items well packaged and protected, and a speedy service, so a big thank you.

By on  14 July 2020 (imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅) :

Seems to be working

My father has lung cancer as confirmed with a biopsy. He was on oxygen all the time until he finished his first bottle of imuno via a nebulizer (0.2ml daily). Now he is no longer on oxygen and can walk double the distance and is not out of breath any more - a good sign! We will finish 3 bottles and then have another scan.

By on  15 May 2020 (imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By on  28 March 2020 (imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅) :

imuno cured my prostate cancer and my Sister's COPD

I keep using imuno as it keeps me well and cured my Prostate Cancer. I also got my Sister and my wife’s Sister who had been on a respirator and live in Mexico City to take imuno through a nasal sprayer and it cured them of COPD. Thank you for your product.

By on  08 March 2020 (imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅) :


I developed a cough and a high temperature after returning from a coronavirus hotspot in Italy and my naturopath recommended Livon labs vitamin C (6 sachets a day) and an injection of imuno (0.2ml) daily. I ordered both and received them the next day (amazing) and in one day my cough reduced and my temperature started to decrease (I also stayed in bed and ate oranges). By the end of the following day my temperature was normal and I felt good again. This protocol worked for me.

By on  01 March 2020 (imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅) :

coronavirus infection

i think i got it because i got fever at 39° after travelling to an area of infection in europe.i was using high dose liposomal vit C and added bravo when i got back home then fever at 39° developped for 2 days, 3rd day low fever 37 and 4rth day cleared. no cough or any other flu symptom when i had fever.i never get flu so it was a lot of inflammation and pains for me for 3 days, then after it looked all cleared i developped an annoying cough at night so i ordered imuno and 24hrs after first 0.2ml dose all cough is about gone, now 48hrs later i still cough few times at night but i think it will be gone by few more days

By on  19 Feb. 2020 (imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅) :

Mr Foster

Superior product, fast secure shipping, well done, very happy

By on  23 Jan. 2020 (imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅) :


My cancer markers halved in the first week on 0.2ml of imuno a day and Bravo Yogurt.

By on  07 Jan. 2020 (imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅) :

Day 18 with imuno and Bravo treatment

I started with 0.05 ml of imuno the first day and the results were very good. It is as if you take an antibiotic, very similar effects, without damaging your immune system, boosting it instead . The second day until now 0.1 ml each day. I take twice a day 65 ml of Bravo yogurt which has similar effects as imuno in some ways. The not so good news are that the pathogen/s are becoming resistant and more aggressive. If I skip or delay a dose I pay it with enhanced pathogen symptoms. Who knows the outcome of the prolongued treatment as I'm going to do and mixxing for some time with real antibiotics and the Nutramedix Stevia Leaf extract (as the "in vitro" research: Effectiveness of Stevia Rebaudiana Whole Leaf Extract Against the Various Morphological Forms of Borrelia Burgdorferi in Vitro). I'm not an MD, therefore I'm not suggesting anyone to follow any protocol.

By on  17 Dec. 2019 (imuno® 3ml vial : GcMAF Made Better ✅) :

imuno has definitely worked for me

Post breast cancer, my doctor checks my cancer levels approx every six weeks. Previously I had cancer cells active but after taking .5ml per week of the Imuno for three weeks I have been given the all clear by my doctor. Imuno has definitely worked for me. And thank you Natural Solutions for all your support and great advice.

imuno® Science

Molecular Biologist, Dr Marco Ruggiero, MD. Ph.D., discussing imuno®.

Imuno® is a novel type of immune supporting compound that targets the innate immune system. At variance with other immune stimulating molecules that target only one type of cells (e.g. macrophages), Imuno® targets all cells of the innate immune system and, because of this, helps to direct the adaptive immune system against cancer cells, cells infected by viruses, cells harboring abnormal proteins or pathogens.

imuno® offers Superior Immune Support. The vegan source low-molecular-weight chondroitin sulfate in imuno® is a major upgrade with almost twice the clinical efficacy over Rerum and its animal derived chondroitin sulfate. Also the pure phosphatidylcholine being the major constituent of cell membranes and the usual constituent in human blood that is assembled with glycosaminoglycans is more effective than the oleic acid (olive oil) used in Rerum. Finally the dose of vitamin D3 in imuno® is double the dose found in Rerum.

imuno® is a multi-molecular complex based on vegan low-molecular-weight chondroitin sulfate, phosphatidylcholine and vitamin D3. These molecules, which are endowed with known healthy properties, are arranged in such a way as to reproduce archetypical protocells able to send putatively restorative radio signals to DNA. Due to its peculiar molecular design, the function of imuno® in the context of immunotherapy shows a dual nature. On one side, the known health effects of its components are amplified by their assembly in a multi-molecular structure held together by a higher number of non-covalent bonds produced by a proprietary biologic negentropy algorithm. On the other side, the physical-chemical features of the emulsion enable imuno® to function in a manner superimposable to that of Freund’s adjuvants.

Rationale for the design of a novel tool for immunotherapy based on an emulsion of glycosaminoglycan
Marco Ruggiero, Stefania Pacini.
Journal of Integrative Cancer Science and Therapeutics (27 Sep 2018).

Link to Publisher   Download Article PDF

A Novel potential Adjuvant for Cancer Vaccines
Marco Ruggiero, Stefania Pacini.
The Madridge Journal of Vaccines (29 Sep 2018).

Link to Publisher   Download Article PDF

Clinical Experience of Integrative Autism treatment with a Novel type of Immunotherapy
Nicola Antonucci, Stefania Pacini and Marco Ruggiero.
The Madridge Journal of Vaccines (28 Feb 2019).

Link to Publisher   Download Article PDF

Clinical Case of complete remission of Bone Cancer using Bravo Probiotic and imuno® over six months.
Nicola Antonucci, Stefania Pacini and Marco Ruggiero.
American Journal of Immunology (18 June 2019).

Link to Publisher   Download Article PDF

imuno® restores mitochondrial function in the context of Immunotherapy of Cancer and Chronic Conditions.
Stefania Pacini and Marco Ruggiero.
American Journal of Immunology (Oct 2019).

Link to Publisher   Download Article PDF

imuno® is over 100 times more effective than pure GcMAF.
Ruggiero M.
Letter dated 19th February 2020.

Link to Abstract Link to Full Article

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