Healthy Immune Support Protocol

For Mild Immune Support (Sensitive Children and Sensitive Adults with Ongoing Fatigue)

  • Simple and Easy Support
    • (Adults with Ongoing Fatigue) imuno: 0.1ml (2 drops) every 3 days. Gradually increase or decrease dose, as tolerated, to create desired effect.
    • (Sensitive Children) Recommended imuno Dose (titrate up from 0.02 ml)
      imuno Dose to Support the Immune System in Autistic Children

  • Additional Support as required
    • imuno: Increase up to 0.2ml (4 drops) every day.
    • Bravo Drink: From 3 to 8 tbsp per day.
    • Bravo suppositories: From 1 per week, to 1 every 3 days.
    • Ketogenic Diet: Maintain dietary ketosis for anti-inflammatory and pro-immunogenic benefits.


For Maximum Healthy Immune Support

  • Simply and Easy Support
    • TBL-12: Take 2 units morning and night.

  • Comprehensive Support (a serious solution)
    • Ketogenic Diet: Maintain high dietary ketosis with protein replacement MyAMINO: 5 tablets twice a day.
    • imuno: 0.1 (2 drops) to 0.2ml (4 drops) every day.
    • Bravo Drink: 8 tbsp per day.
    • Bravo Suppositories: 1 every 3 days.
    • Vitamin D3: 10,000IU per day (adult).
    • Bosvay: 2 caps twice a day
    • UltraCur Ultrabioavailable Curcumin: 2 caps twice a day.
    • GlutaBloc: 2 caps twice a day.

  • Additional Support for Difficult Cases
    • Comprehensive+ Support.  Add TBL-12: Take 2 units morning and night.
    • imuno: Increase up to 0.3ml (6 drops) every day.
    • Bosvay: 2 caps five times a day.
    • UltraCur Ultrabioavailable Curcumin: 2 caps five times a day.
    • GlutaBloc: 3 caps three times a day.
    • MyAMINO: Increase as required to stop hunger or muscle wasting (max 50 per day).



Lymphatic Circulation
The lymphatic fluid is pumped by changing pressures in the body when we move (walk or Taiji). The lymphatic fluid is the final carrier of the nutrients to the cells and when the fluid circulates well then the immune system functions more efficiently. Do a minimum of 30 minutes walking every day.

Deep Breathing
Deep Breathing, whilst stationery, is the best way to increase oxygen supply and circulation in the blood. This increased oxygen supply is then used by the internal organs, including the immune system, to enhance their functioning. Whenever you think about it, as often as you can during your day, take at least 3 or 4 slow deep breaths.

Joy and Fun
Our immune system is strengthened by feeling joy and having fun. This is a vital part of healing and is seen in those who overcome severe illness. Remember to laugh and play, and to bring joy to others when on the road back to health, for this will help keep you on the path.



Natural Approach with Cancer

Cancer is a manifestation of malfunctions in immunity, as malignant cells manage to escape recognition and elimination by the immune system.

Cancer cells have an increased number of insulin receptors which means that they have an increased requirement for glucose. This knowledge is used to image cancer with radioactive glucose and PET or CAT scans. Cancer cells are also known to disguise themselves from the immune system and we have found that by starving cancer cells of glucose, this can expose them to the immune system and reduce tumour burden. Cancer cells may also feed on glutamine and evidence suggests this may be restricted by drinking green tea through the day.

Our approach then is to naturally support the healthy immune system and to stress the cancer cells by adopting a ketogenic (low glucose) diet and to drink green tea through the day. The ketogenic diet is a foundation stone of this approach and the degree of success appears to be related to your level of dietary ketosis. We advise measuring your blood ketone levels with a finger prick ketone meter, every morning before eating. Aim for 3.0 to 6.0 mmol/L.

The recommended Ketogenic Diet involves limiting carbohydrates to 12 grams a day (basically only eating green salads) whilst increasing the consumption of foods high in fat (avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, cream) and moderating intake of protein (Up to 100 grams a day, or better yet, replace protein with MyAMINO). This reduces the blood glucose, and produces ketones to fuel healthy cells. In addition ketones have anti-inflammatory and pro-immunogenic properties.

Vitamin D3
We advise keeping blood levels of vitamin D3 at between 150 to 250 nmol/l (60 ng/ml to 100 ng/ml). This can be achieved by adults taking 10,000IU of vitamin D3 daily. A blood test every 3 months is also recommended to ensure blood levels do not go above our recommended levels. Note: Vitamin D3 levels drop quickly without supplementation and high vitamin D3 levels help slow cachexia.

Video of "The Science of How to Heal Yourself"


Forgiveness means to completely erase all recollection or remembrance of the act from the mind or cease to regard the deed as an evil one.

In the first stage one ceases to verbalize the issue. Then one ceases to allow one’s mind to dwell on the issue or one changes ones attitude to the occurrence.

Know that each limited human being, is doing the best they can, with the understanding they have, and if they do you wrong, it is because they know no better. Forgive them.

The thought that “no, it does not matter” whatever another does, form a sort of principle to adopt in life.

The thought “either I deserve it or they know no better” allows the mind to tolerate all and let it go.



Gratitude means to feel appreciation for what we receive.

One ceases to allow ones mind to dwell on “what is not” and then one chooses to dwell on “what is”.

The first lesson that we can learn in the path of thankfulness is to forget what we do for another, and remember only what good any other has done for us.

Gratefulness is best adorned by subtlety of expression. In thanksgiving, one word of thanks is sufficient.

If we answer every little deed of kindness with appreciation, we develop in our nature the spirit of gratefulness, and gratefulness in the character, is like fragrance in the flower, it attracts favour, forgiveness and mercy.


Disclaimer: None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Our products are chosen for their ability to support the body’s healthy immune system, and larger doses of supporting products may be required in times of stress. Just like more food is required, when more exercise is undertaken. For ease of understanding, we have listed some conditions where the immune system may require specific support, but this is not to be interpreted to mean we are in any way treating these diseases.